Year to date there have been 7 properties that have closed at $9,000,000 plus.
971 Spraddle Creek closed at $9,000,000
331 Strawberry Park closed at $12,700,000 this included a trade
313 Strawberry Park closed at $10,000,000
151 Vail Lane closed at $9,500,000
872 Strawberry Park closed at $10,200,000
Solaris $14,817,600
Solaris $11,425,000

There are currently 32 properties listed at $9,000,000 and up. The most expensive being 332 Mill Creek Court in Vail. This property is listed at $17,900,000.

According to the Vail Homeowners Association, they believe that real estate sales for Vail proper are showing signs that the steady decline in prices over the past 2 years may be reaching bottom. Let’s hope that is correct. With only 7 high end properties ($9,00,000+) closing thus far and 32 properties currently on the market at $9,00,000+ the absorption rate is is 4.5 years at this pace for high end property!